ICT Skills Development


The ICT skills council aims to prepare Sri Lankan workforce for Digital Sri Lanka and make Sri Lanka an ICT skill hub for the global ICT industry. With this ambitious yet achievable objective in mind, the council consisting of industry leaders and key industry stakeholders are developing skills, attitudes, knowledge and capacity to increase the current industry revenue by $3 billion in 2024.

Skills for the Future
⸻ Setting up the National ICT Competency Standards and Policies

ICT Skills Council shall prepare an up-to-date national competency standards for ICT to prepare the workforce for local and global ICT requirements with an overall objective of making Sri Lanka a global ICT skills hub

⸻ Setting up the National ICT Training Standards and Policies as per industry requirements so that training is employment driven

ICT Skills Council shall prepare and maintain national training standards for ICT training with the understanding that all ICT training shall lead to skillful engagement with ICT and shall drive towards hands-on training vs theoretical training

⸻ Providing ICT industry inputs and advisory to Ministry of Skills, Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, Vocational Training Authority, DTET, UNIVOTEC, NAITA

⸻ Setting up the standards and guiding national e-learning platform to enhance the ICT literacy of the country

ICT skills council shall guide, set standards and quality assure the national e-learning platform and available ICT courses

⸻ Release of ICT Handbooks

ICT Skills council shall release ICT career and training handbooks

⸻ Training of ICT trainers

⸻ Endorsement of National ICT curriculum

ICT Skills council shall carry out endorsements for ICT curriculums in terms of compliance to national standards

⸻ Validating and Endorsing ICT industry reports

⸻ Releasing periodic ICT workforce survey

ICT Skills council shall set guidelines for the workforce survey and work with partners to carry out national ICT workforce survey

⸻ Guiding and drafting policies and programs to align the demand and supply of ICT skills

⸻ Providing guidance and advisory for national education system in order to prepare students for ICT industry

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