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What is ICT Sector Skills Council?

ICT Industry Sector Skills Council is the focused national body on shaping the skills of ICT workforce. Council is funded under Ministry of Skills having Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure on the Board as the line ministry. There is Board representation by all identified major ICT players in the industry. It provides a collaborative platform for the interested parties to contribute for national initiatives on ICT skills. Council comprise of representation from key private sector ICT companies, national ICT organizations, government bodies and other supportive organizations. Council drives policies, projects and programs on sectorial skills development. It works on aligning curriculums, standards and trainings to cater to industry requirements and addresses the skills gap considering the current, future and visionary needs of the ICT sector. The effort is essentially driven by the industry for the industry.

Why should you consider becoming a member of ICT Industry Skills Council?

Would you like to contribute towards preparing the Sri Lankan workforce for the ambitious digital future? Are you the one who believes that Sri Lanka can make it really big in ICT? Are you the one who believe that your fellow citizens are an asset waiting to be transformed as a highly skilled workforce? Do you believe that we have a great window of opportunity to be a formidable global workforce in technology? Then look no further, join hands with ICT Sector Skills Council and be part of the future in the making.

How does it contribute to the ICT industry?

It is an asset to the Industry to have a cost effective skilled pool of resources in achieving its ambitious goals. Skills council, being the collaborative platform for multiple stakeholders understands the pulse of the industry and is able to influence the national programs based on the industry needs. Council provides a platform for the Industry to shape the skills of the work force according to its requirements by providing inputs for skill development activities.

Invitation to be a member of the ICT Industry Skills Council.

We would like to invite your esteemed ICT Company to be a member of the ICT Industry Skills Council – the national organization to shape the Skills of the ICT Sector in the country. The ICT skills council has been formed by government of Sri Lanka and it aims to prepare Sri Lankan workforce for Digital Sri Lanka and make Sri Lanka an ICT skill hub for the global ICT industry. Council acts as the bridge between the government and the IT industry in aligning policies of the country in skills development sector. Moreover, it creates a platform for private sector to provide inputs to the government in contributing the development of the ICT sector through producing skillful human resources for the industry.

The Criteria/ Guideline of Ordinary Membership

Any Government entity, Industry bodies, Registered Associations, Chambers, Professional bodies, Government entity or associations of individuals and/or companies involved with and interested in the industry except training providers other than NAITA. ICT Companies who meets the following criteria are eligible to apply for the ICTISC membership
  • Minimum Annual Revenue of the Company LKR 50 Million
  • Minimum 50 employees

Documents to be submitted

  • Complete Application
  • Payment for the Membership Fee
  • Appointment Letter by the Company
  • Copy of Business Registration
  • NIC / Passport copy of the candidate/nominee
  • Propose /Second by a Member
More Information on the membership:
Chadika Yahampath
Manager – ICT Industry Skills Council
+94 11 4326071 /+94772668347/
Membership Application
Member Benefits

For your concern!

  • Ordinary Membership is for a period of 1 (one) year renewable annually.
  • Organizations are required to appoint a representative along with the registration as member of the council.
  • Please contact council office for further inquiries.