Who are we ?

A Platform for collaborations

Like its economy, the Sri Lankan ICT scenario is developing, As an industry that constantly changes, it is important that ICT literacy too is on par in order to keep up to expected industry standards and ensure the economics of the ICT sector are matched. In order to attempt to bridge this gap between ICT skills expectation and local demand, the ICT Skills Council was tasked with responsibility of developing highly skilled people in the industry. Consisting of Industry leaders and stakeholders, the ICT Skills council runs parallel to the Government strategy of ensuring it becomes a $5 billion industry by 2020. The Council is determined to synergize private sector organizations in ICT and government apparatus to ensure skilled people for the industry are created to match the need of the hour.

Why partner with us ?

Benefits Everyone

The world is in a rapid state of technological transformation. In 5 years, Even today, the meaning of the “world” will be more digital than physical. The intrinsic nature of technology is the ever shortening shelf life of products and services due to disruption is imminent. Such transformation makes today’s knowledge and skills irrelevant. This creates an opportunity to knowledge based economies of the world to reinvent themselves to own knowledge based market space. This is the opportunity for Sri Lanka to develop beyond imagination- Join us as members or industry partners today to be part of the journey towards driving the unique ICT story of Sri Lanka .

The Council works with multiple stakeholders including companies, industries and associations that handle the demand side of things. As these entities are responsible for skilled labour that joins the workforce not only will they be benefited but their inputs related to ICT policy making and asks in turn will be passed to the Government by the Council.
Another important stakeholder and partner involved with the Council's activities are professional bodies. These entities have their own standards and can often be affected by international ICT agreements.

On the supply end of the spectrum, education sector institutes including higher, vocational and school education become the product that produces and will be absorbed by the industry once they have graduated with relevant skills set. The Council will be responsible to provide inputs on the expectations of the industry in order to harness the and nurture these skills sets.

The Council also partners with government stakeholders. As part of planning and policy making there is a growing need to enhance ICT literacy of the workforce and citizens. The Council works in collaboration with the government R&D sector, Science and Technology Sector, Innovation sector where technology will play an important role in the future.

How we operate ?

A platform between industry and policy making bodies

ICTISC is an Industry led and Industry driven organization recognized and supported by the Government.

The Council operates as a guarantee limited company and functions as a board of directors comprising industry leaders from companies and government parties. The Council also has full-time staff and projects with partners that are being carried out.




ICT Skills Council has established an online platform for collaboration and believes that the national competency development is a collaborative effort by multiple stakeholders. Council is keen to have all the stake holders to work towards identified national goals so that there is no duplication of effort by different parties. Council will link up industry, industry bodies, government bodies, Government Training Arms, Private training arms, Academia and the work force under defined set of national goals.