Graduate-ship Program 2018

30th November 2017

ICT industry has set an ambitious goal of achieving 5B USD by 2022.  ICT being a people game, the key to this achievement is the availability of skilled talent pool at competitive cost.  The current ICT workforce is about 80,000 and the industry would require annual increase of at-least 20,000 per annum.  Thus the industry has a gap of about 10,000 skilled ICT personnel per annum. ICT skills council has a unique proposition which we see as “silver bullet” of producing large numbers of exceptionally skilled workforce at an affordable cost.

ICT Industry Skills Council together with Tertiary, Vocational and Training Sector are ready to fulfill country’s requirement. The proposed model is a joint venture between industry, government, academia and donor agencies. In summary, the model enrolls selected candidates from A/L and shall be given recognized industry advocated training and deploys them in the industry.  Part time degree shall be conducted during week-ends enabling candidates to work during the week.

ICT Industry skills councils one of major objective is to reduce the skills gap and decrease the unemployability of the sector. As a solution council has identified several important activities which needs to be implemented soon in TVET sector. Industry Relevant Curricula have been produced by the council under the supervision of industry. Moreover, council is going to introduce “Graduate-ship” program as a sustainable solution for enemployability.

Are you looking for young, Skilled employees with a fresh mind